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About Us

After years of dreaming about it, it finally became reality. In 2012, Rosy Ruby finally came to life.


Rosy Ruby is where a love for fashion and convenience meet; where all are welcome and our inner princesses/rockstars/fashionistas/rebels come out to play. We believe fashion has many faces and facets. We believe every girl deserves to feel pretty. We believe in confidence.

We have a passionate belief that 'money doesn't buy style' and are really not fazed if a dress costs $5 or $500! What counts is that 'it's gorgeous' and our customers see value in it.

We are committed to finding fashion that is so amazing that they literally fly off the shelf before it hits the racks. We're very femme in our approach. Not girly, fairy princess - but femme. We believe in the power of wearing an outfit that brings the best in every girl to feel ABSOLUTELY fabulous!

Our mission is to bring in the latest fashion at low prices without compromising quality.

 We are base in Australia and ship worldwide.

 “Everyday is a fashion show and the world is the runway”~Coco Chanel

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